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 Character Data:Nanaya(Tohno) Shiki

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PostSubject: Character Data:Nanaya(Tohno) Shiki   Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:41 am

Name:Shiki (Tohno) Nanaya

Special Ability:Mystic Eyes Of Death Perception

The eyes are not really different set of eyes but are a circuit
(possibly similar to a Magic Circuit) that opens up in the user's brain
and normal eyes, allowing him to see the eventual fated destruction of
an object or entity expressed as small points on the object or entity's
body and as thin glowing reddish black lines that extend from those
points and crawl over the body. Along with the perception is the
ability to trace the lines without much exertion; doing so effectively
realizes the fated destruction, and the victim is cut along those
lines. Because this destruction is destined, this method of injury
ignores any of the victim's defenses; armor, magical protection, and so
forth are useless. While a line symbolizes "damage" along that part of
the body, a dot symbolizes the totality of that body's damage, and by
extension, "existence". When a dot is pierced, the victim's concept
is destroyed. This method of killing is apparently absolute; it
bypasses even reincarnation, and can even be used against a collective
entity. The only entity immune is Tatari, since that entity does not
exist. As it erases existence, then by extension, the Mystic Eyes of
Death Perception can also destroy non-physical things, such as spells,
thoughts, magecraft, and even nature.

Who he is:Shiki is in fact not a real member of the Tohno family, is not Akiha's
biological brother, and is not Makihisa's son. While the Tohno family
is a family with demon blood, Shiki's real surname is Nanaya, and he is
the eldest son of the Nanaya (七夜) clan, a family of powerful
demon-slaying assassins, it is revealed in Kagetsu Tohya
that he is the son of Kiri Nanaya. The Nanaya clan lived in a secluded
mansion in the mountains, but was one night destroyed by the Tohno and
the Kishima (another half-demon branch of the Tohno family). Shiki was
the only survivor of that attack. In a moment of amused irony, Makihisa
spared and adopted the boy because his name was similar to the name of
Makihisa's eldest son,SHIKI.

Shiki has an alternate personality due to the blood he inherited from
his real family. The Nanaya clan was a family focused on destroying
demons, and promoted their own special powers through inbreeding. This
heritage manifests as an alternate personality known as Shiki Nanaya.
The Nanaya side of Shiki is a highly trained killer. Smooth, confident,
and highly dismissive of life, Nanaya is a very large contrast with how
Shiki usually behaves. This personality awakens when Shiki is
confronted with a situation that matches the demon-slaying need,
usually when Shiki is in mortal danger, or when he spots something
inhuman. When the Nanaya blood awakens, Shiki drops into the fugue
state of his anemia attacks; he blacks out and has no memory of what he
has done during the time Nanaya was in control. As befitting an elite
demon-slaying assassin, Nanaya has highly enhanced strength, speed,
reflexes and has all the skills of a highly trained killer. His
greatest attribute is speed, as he is capable of running up walls and
along ceilings, and moving faster than normal human sight for a fast
kill. While Shiki, at the beginning of the story, can be utterly
overwhelmed by superhuman adversaries like the Dead Apostles and their
servants, Nanaya is capable of slaying those same adversaries a second
later with an air somewhere between amused enthusiasm and general
contempt. Nanaya's personality takes over several times throughout
Tsukihime (namely, against Arcueid and the various Dead Apostles),
although it only fully manifests once as a distinct persona. The other
times, Shiki is merely filled with a desire to kill, and instinctual
knowledge on how to do it.

Skills(Tohno Shiki):Lines of Death
Tracing the 'line' on an object, to wipe out its existence
Slower than Point of Death but more effective as an entity has more 'lines' than 'points'.

Point of Death
Stabbing the 'Point" of an entity,instantly removing its

Inherited Skill(Nanaya Shiki):Seventeenth Dissection

A technique due to the Nanayan blood in Shiki,allowing him to slash an opponent in 17 pieces,across their 'lines'.Since it is an Inherited Skill, it can be used freely,and will slash across 'lines' freely,as long as Shiki taps into Nanaya's ability.Shiki used this technique (accidentally) to "kill" Arcruied, when he first saw her,as his Nanyan blood urged him to do so.He is generally afraid to use this technique as he fears he will "become" Nanaya, a merciless killer.
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Character Data:Nanaya(Tohno) Shiki
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