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Fight Of Characters or FOC is a Warcraft 3 map categorized under the Hero Arena genre.
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 Add Piccolo from DBZ.

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PostSubject: Add Piccolo from DBZ.   Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:36 pm

Piccolo, a cool namekian from DBZ, Strength hero, Item could be his turban, puggree call it whatever you like. (Gives 100 strength, 100 damage, 25 armor. Or just 50 hp/s regen and 50 stats )

Skill 1 - Special Beam Cannon ( Like Kamehameha, damage 300-1500 )

Skill 2 - Super Giantification Spell ( Makes Piccolo 5x Bigger, Granting him more strength, Duration depends on Level, 30-90 secs )

Skill 3 - Namekian Fusion - First with Nail, granting him 100 stats, later with Kami, granting him 200 stats.

Skill 4 - Hellzone Grenade - Fires off many orbs of energy that float around the
opponent. Piccolo then squeezes his hand to make all the orbs converge
onto the opponent, exploding on contact ( Ultimate spell, AoE, Damage 3000-9000 )

I hope it's not too imba, or too lowbie.
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Add Piccolo from DBZ.
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